Basel is One!

I love sessions with little people. Though there’s some placement involved (watching for good light and backgrounds), most of it is just letting them do what they’re going to do and interacting while they do it. And of course taking pictures. That part’s kind of important too.

What better place for a one-year session than at a park? How about the park at which his daddy grew up (Elizabethtown Borough Park)? Even better! Brian was sharing memories of the wooden truck and of the many days he and his siblings spent at the park when they were younger. Good times.

Since a great one-year session includes a cake and digging into it (in my humble opinion!), Christa made a most-amazing cake. Coolest thing ever (side note: it also smelled so amazing I kept getting distracted). I’m still sort of enthralled with it.

Brian and Christa, enjoy the pictures of your adorable little man (and yourselves). You’re a beautiful family, both inside and out!








Who doesn’t love a good reflection? Especially when you’re one!Basel1-005

Me and Mommy…Basel1-007

…and Me and Daddy.Basel1-008

I’m cute. And I’m done with this hat.Basel1-009

The amazing cake that Christa made…Basel1-010

A little hesitant…Basel1-011

Maybe if I get rid of this worm…Basel1-012

Finally digging in! Basel1-013

 Happy Birthday, Basel! You’re so special!!